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Artist Description: Though the band’s fourth full-length offering The World I Want To Leave Behind features a number of “firsts,” Moneen vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Kenny Bridges assures us that this isn’t a new band: “We weren’t trying to reinvent ourselves as much as we were trying out some things that we would have been scared of on previous records.” One wouldn’t think a band that’s effortlessly able to weave such a wide array of influences into their output would be “scared” to try anything. After all, Moneen has always thrived on their trademark melee of melodic components – pop that has no business being so profound; rock that shouldn’t be so ambient; punk that has no right being so delicate. While that familiar formula is what ultimately drives The World I Want To Leave Behind, Bridges, bassist Erik Hughes, guitarist/vocalist Chris “Hippy” Hughes, and new drummer Steve Nunnaro have slightly shifted their take on songwriting this time out.


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