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Artist Description: Not many bands can handle long careers and continue to evolve from record to record: Blonde Redhead holds a place in this category. In the nearly 25 years of their career, the acclaimed New York-based trio has wandered through the noise rock of their early years, to the refined dreampop of Misery Is A Butterfly, to the sensual electronic textures of 2014’s Barragán. Despite the variety of styles, the band has always been able to keep a personality and a unique identity that is easily recognizable.

Fresh from the Numero box set Masculin Féminin (September 2016)and the remix album Freedom of Expression on Barragan (March 2016) , Japanese-born Kazu Makino and twin Italian-Americans Amedeo and Simone Pace have returned with a new EP, titled 3 O'CLOCK. The EP was released March 10th, 2017 on Asa Wa Kuru Records under license to Italian label Ponderosa Music & Art.

This melancholic EP, with an aromantic graft, follows the tour that, in 2016, saw Blonde Redhead reinvent their cult album Misery Is A Butterfly with a string quartet. The new atmospheres developed during this tour emerge occasionally in the pieces of 3 O’CLOCK, as the band pushes even more in the direction of a massive presence of strings and wind instruments such as the viola, cello, violin, clarinet, oboe, flute and trumpet. The EP was made with the help of, among others, the string quartet ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble), and Eyvind Kang, an American composer and violinist who collaborated with Blonde Redhead on Misery Is A Butterfly and the latest tour in support of the album.

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