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Artist Description: Daemon is an old soul with a young face. Born to a single mother in the North Side of St. Louis, Dae fell in love with music at an early age, and used that love as fuel to drive him. That same passion for all things musical pushed him from the projects to working on projects with the likes of Killa Mike of Run the Jewels fame. However it wasn’t until Third Side Music presented the perfect opportunity that Daemon truly learned to shine.

A rapper equal parts Nelly and Nas, with a flow inspired as much by Tupac as a Tribe Called Quest, Dae found his calling writing and producing an array of sounds for the world of T.V. film. Take his latest offering, Legend, a blend of catchy melodies and introspective lyricism recently featured on the hit television show “The Last O.G.” staring Tracy Morgan and Tiffany Haddish. The song is quintessential Dae-Dae, a unique dichotomy of dexterous delivery and straight forward braggadocio.

Whether he’s preaching underrated anthems for the underrepresented, getting sweet on Elisabeth Olson or calling out douchebags (himself included), Daemon pours his heart into each beat he pumps out. A few examples of this can be heard on tracks like “Rise and Shine” (“Every day’s a rare occasion/Better be prepared to face it / Never be afraid of greatness / wake up, baby, rise and shine”) — an opening that is heartfelt, resilient and worthy of repeating, like a mantra.

As a producer, Daemon deftly balances hard within soft: cold shade eclipses warm praise and sincere love lines topple biting satire. Daemon is Shakespearean: his lyrics are tongue in cheek, clever and nuanced. They flow from him as easily as blood in a tragedy, and you can’t help but want to watch as he cuts up politics and pop-culture and serves it to us, unflinching (“Trump on the green / Kanye playin’ Caddyshack / Get a taste of power, gotta imitate the power / like a n**** tryin’ to imitate a shadow / imagine that”).

On his debut EP, Goldtape, the feel is retro without being old-fashioned, pulling listeners back to the Golden Age of hip-hop production but set against a Top Dawg-esque haze where everything feels possible.

Whether his voice is natural, warm and peppy, or tinted by vocoder as he slings diamond-hard verses, Daemon's lyrics are instantly classic, the music immediately approachable. He draws us into a world where you have to pay attention, as new details emerge with each listen, turns of phrase or references you didn’t catch on the first go, proving that complexities are his renewable resource and Daemon is his own autonomous power.

He currently lives in St. Louis, MO.

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